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Assorted Salt Water Taffy
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Did you know salt water taffy isn't made with salt water. It was named "Salt Water" Taffy after ocean water flooded a coastal candy store. The candy store decided to still sell the salt water soaked taffy as Salt Water Taffy. The name just stuck. But even though Salt Water Taffy isn't made with salt water, nothing quite goes with Taffy like the beach and the salty air. And if you don't have a beach to enjoy it with, just sinking your teeth into this candy may just whisk your mind off to one. We highly recommend it. This Salt Water Taffy Assortment is a mix of chewy, brightly-colored fruit flavored candy wrapped in wax paper. Assorted flavors may include: Banana, grape, orange creme, peppermint, raspberry, watermelon, caramel swirls, cherry, chocolate, green apple, licorice swirls, Neapolitan, cinnamon, root beer float and vanilla. Ships in a sweet Candy CANtainer that holds approx. 6.5 ounces.

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